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Minor changes and additions will be made to the later weeks of the term. Our media specialist Emily Li has begun to post walkthrough documentation of the lab meetings. Right now the pages are aimed at fellow specialists who she’ll be training for the spring, but with a few tweaks they’ll work on a student-facing site just fine. The first lab session is Tuesday August 30, 6-8 pm in White Hall 111.  

In the first lab session, you will register a personal domain (, learn the Boldgrid page builder, and publish a hub page and coursework page. The linked video is just 8 minutes. You can also watch a much longer demo.  


Bring a credit card and laptop to CLASS Tues 6-8. Purchase hosting from InMotion (3.49 to 4.99/mo, minimum 1 year)

Includes free domain name and BOLDGRID page builder.


8/30 Introduction to Boldgrid.

+If you have not already done so in class, purchase hosting from InMotion and register a domain name such as
+ Create a hubsite including your home page, coursework page, and a reading blog.

+Practice modifying the theme.

+Other topics as time permits

Email Marc & Emily your domain names. Make this purchase IN CLASS with step by step guidance. Be sure to buy using the discount, choose a good domain name, and specify a WordPress & Boldgrid install.
In class 9/6, we’ll do the “Networked Self” exercise and create a proposal for your sandbox personal site of 6-8 web pages—an issue involving many stakeholders, a memorial, travelogue or celebration, among many choices. This is a low-stakes assignment in which you are encouraged to be creative, exploratory, vocal & principled. Don’t forget to have fun! 9/6 Discuss: creative commons choices, how to meet accessibility standards, and give credit for images. 
+ Create a subdomain ( with a different theme from your hubsite. 

Complete the sandbox personal site ( by 9am Monday, 9/12, when I’ll review them.


Be sure to install a different theme than your hubsite, meet accessibility standards, use images and credit them properly. 


Again: This is a low stakes assignment. Just have fun.


DURING LAB 9/6, Build your sandbox personal site by following  this process:

+On paper, create a paragraph for the landing page.

+Then underline three places that might make good hyperlinks. Rewrite if three such links aren’t obvious.

+ Create paper mockups of the 3 destination pages those three links would point to, including a sentence or two of text.

+ Find at least two more links in the text of the destination pages.

+ Create those 6-8 pages in Boldgrid.


In class 9/13  We’ll do a guided tour of SelfieCity and student sites

9/13 Tools and Workshop

+Learn how to use Google Fonts, Font-Image Generators, and Tablepress 

+Spend the rest of the session creating your sandbox personal site. 


Begin thinking about an issue in a group’s production or consumption of digital media that you’d like to research, possibly participatory in some way.    Think of yourself as a citizen scientist: What is your RESEARCH QUESTION?

In class 9/20 we’ll look at some of your sites


9/20 How to Make a Research Website 

+Developing a Research Question

+What is a Literature Review?

+Required Elements

Briefly outline a proposal for your research website and publish it to your blog. Include a thumbnail bibliography indicating what gap or conflict in the current research that you hope your study will resolve.

The LIT REVIEW goes further than an Annotated Bibliography. It maps the most current research on a RESEARCH QUESTION and then:

a) identifies a blank spot of the unknown, or b) a bright spot of conflict in the current research map.

+It  proposes a particular study to fill the scholarly gap or resolve the scholarly conflict.

In class 9/27 we’ll talk about participatory research & your proposals.

9/27 Presentations, Memes and Infographics

+Create a subdomain for your research website
+Make 1 original meme and start an infographic on your research topic

Have your research question approved 10/4 at the latest, and begin your data gathering. Extended office hours  9/29, 10/4 and 10/6  
  10/4 Explainer video platforms and techniques.
+Do a sandbox animated video explaining the issue you’re researching, the format of your study, and what you hope to learn from it. 
 10/7: Literature review due  
  Fall Break      

10/18 Tutorial on Transmedia Storytelling: Modes of fan fiction, fan video, corporate transmedia, etc.


+In the session, write a short treatment for a fan media project

10/21  Main body of research website due    
  10/25 Tutorial on Documentary video, ethics, filming, sound editing.  10/28 Infographic and presentation for research website due    
  11/1 Tutorial on Participatory Documentary.  11/4 Research website white paper due and project complete    

11/8 Tutorial on tactical performance and tactical media


11/5 Proposal for civic engagement project due    
  11/15 Introduction to Gamebuilding tools like TinyTap      
  11/22 Tutorial on the Walkthrough, Workshop      
  11/29 Workshop,      
  12/6 Workshop  12/17 civic engagement project due.