Digital Media and Culture

Media Studies 208, Emory University

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This course explores the electronic mediation of identity, culture, and social action. In addition to weekly reading, you will create media projects and publish them to a personal digital portfolio using readily-available, easy-to-use tools. No prior knowledge of digital platforms or media making experience is necessary. 

The class is discussion-based and limited to 25 students. It meets in White Hall 103. Weekly lab time is Tuesdays 6-8 pm in White Hall 111.  Office hours Thursdays 1130-1 and by appointment, Rich 212. 

Our Work in Progress

Lauren Balotin Cayla Bamberger Urmi Chatterjee Scott Choi Max Cornwell Sumera Dang Rosie Ditre Phoebe Edwards Emily Goldner Courtney Greer Lauren Guliasi Hannah Higgins Alex Kass Justin Lee Rusha Naik Nina Patricof Tameka Pierre-Jean Eskew Roberts Samah Sadig Cecilia Schramm Areeta Shah Toby Teitel Luis Trujillo Charles Zakkour

From this introductory survey, you should learn to:

 Identify some of the characteristics of and possibilities afforded by digital media.

checkboxgreen Describe some of the questions being pursued in digital media studies, distinguish between the views of major figures in the field, and understand how to insert your own original research into that conversation.

checkboxgreenPerform digital media literacy in both consumption and production. This means you’ll be comfortable composing academic or professional media such as websites, infographics, and slide decks.



 I assess your efforts holistically. This means that I look at the whole portfolio of work you’ve produced in the class.  With respect to any given assignment, such as your first website, it is ok to try hard and still fall short. On the other hand it’s never ok not to make an effort. How to get an A?  Read more on grading and othercourse policies, including my approach to teaching. 

Your expenses will include web hosting and bundled software, typically $50 for 1 year or 2 years for $80 (recommended). Much of the reading is circulated in free pdf. Your total including textbooks should be around $150. That estimate will vary depending on the format in which you acquire textbooks, and on discounts available at the time you sign up for hosting.

Christian Fuchs, Social Media: A Critical Introduction ($13 rental)

Ryan, Marie-Laure et al, eds. The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media ($40 ebook or new)

Weight, Jenny. The Participatory Documentary Cookbook  (free pdf)

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