Reading Calendar, Fall 2016 // Media Studies 208 Digital Media & Culture
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UNIT 1 Networks//Selves//Others  

   Introduction   8/25 Digital Media, Online Community, Computer History and Sources of the Self
Presentations from Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media
1. Platformed Sociability & Celebrity 8/30 Jose Van Dyck, Engineering Sociality in a Culture of Connectivity 9/1 Alice Marwick, You May Know Me From YouTube: (Micro)-Celebrity in Social Media
  Interface,Cyberspace,  Identity  Interactivity, Language Use in Online Communication
2. Mediated Selfhood 9/6 Manovich et al, SelfieCity. Explore site, read one essay on the Theory tab. 9/8 Lev Manovich and Alise Tifentale, Competitive Photography and the Presentation of the Self
Blogging, Life History, Social Networking Sites Media Ecology, Collective Intelligence, Lonelygirl15
3. Engineering Difference 9/13 3 danah boyd, It’s Complicated Chapter 6 9/15  Lisa Nakamura, Scambaiting and the Racial Violence of Social Media
Race and Ethnicity, Teen Social Networking Cyberfeminism, Cybernetics, Materiality,



UNIT 2 Digital//Material

4.  Digital Affordances  9/20 Janet Murray, Affordances of the Digital Medium (2011)  Notes 9/22 Manovich, There is Only Software; Henry Jenkins, 9 Propositions Toward a Cultural Theory of YouTube  Notes and More Notes
Data, Code, Spatiality, Algorithm Old/ New Media, Remediation, Relations Between Media
5. Pervasive Media 9/27 Hillis et al, Google and the Culture of Search, Introduction 9/29 Liao & Humphrey, Layar-ed Places; Welcome to the Pokeconomy; Pokemon Trainer
Networking, Search, Semantic Web Location based Narrative, Mobile Games, Performance
6.  A Critical Approach to Social Media


10/4 Christian Fuchs, Ch 1, What is A Critical Introduction to Social Media?



10/6 Fuchs Ch 4, Social Media and Communication Power

Critical Theory,  Socialism in America, Social Media in Politics Frankfurt School, Mass Communication
7. Copyright vs Copyleft Fall Break 10/13  Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture, pp 17-61; Watch or read John Perry Barlow, Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace
  Creative Commons, Remix, Free and Open  Source Software
8. Big Media as Creative Commons 10/18 Jenkins, Convergence Culture: pick Ch 3, 4, or 5 10/20 Fuchs,  Ch 3 or Kylie Jarrett, Social Reproduction and Immaterial Labor in Digital Media
Fan/Slash Fic, Gender & Media Use, Gender Representation Playbor, Crowdsourcing, Immaterial Labor



UNIT 3 Mobile-ization

9. Networks: Power and Counterpower 10/25 Jeffrey S. Juris, Reflections on  #Occupy Everywhere 10/27 Fuchs Ch 8, Twitter and Democracy
Politics and New Media, Subversion, Viral Aesthetics Hackers, Hoaxes, Ethics in Digital Media
10  Participatory Documentary 11/1 Jenny Weight, The Participatory Documentary Cookbook  1-42 11/3 Weight, Participatory Documentary Cookbook,  43-100
Interactive documentary, wiki  
11. Tactical Media 11/8 L.M. Bogad, Tactical Performance, 1-35 and skim chs 1-4 for ideas 11/10 Bogad ,Tactical Performance 36-67 and skim chs 5-7 for ideas
Tactical Carnival, Clown-frontation, Reclaim the Streets Yes Men, Punking the Press, Campus Protest
12. Serious Games 11/15 Jane McGonigal, Saving the Real World Together (GET PDF) Free day to finalize tactical media project proposal.
Online Game Communities, Game History, Games and Education, Simulation,  
13.  Playbor 11/22 PJ Rey, Gamification and Post-Fordist Capitalism



14.  Production Week 11/29  In class: Feedback and workshop 12/1 In class: Feedback and workshop
15.  Work in Progess 12/6 Last class: Show and tell of work in progress